We have been in business since 1965.

All vacuums need serviced yearly. If your vacuum is used in a commercial environment or  house with pets, it is recommended that service is done more often.  All vacuums have filters, belts, bearings, and moving parts, that require routine lubrication or replacement.  Failure to do so can alter your vacuum’s performance or even permanently damage it.

We clear all passages and hoses in the vacuum. We service the motor, lubricate bearings in the brush roll, clean hair strings and debris out of vacuum.  Check on items that need replaced regularly such as belts, brushes, filters, bulbs, and bags.

We are the warranty center for over 26 different brands.  Call any of our locations if you have any warranty questions.

We try to get every vacuum back to the customer within a day or two.  Unless parts aren’t available then we have to wait for the parts to be available and in stock.

We are an authorized service and warranty center for over 26 different brands.  We have upright vacuums and canister vacuums, as well as handvacs and commerical vacuums.  All ready to try before you buy.

We have numerous vacuums with S-class filtration and HEPA filtration.  We also carry bags and filters that will prevent harmful dust and allergens from being blown back into the air.

We have a wide variety of commercial products for every application. All of our commercial clients prefer to buy from us because we make them a priority so they don’t go without their machine.

We have vacuums designed specifically for pet hair.  We also carry shampooers and chemicals to remove pet stains and odors.  We stock numerous tools to aid you in removing pet hair and stains.

If you want to extend the life of your carpet, it is important to shampoo carpet at least once a year.  How often you need to shampoo your carpet also depends on if you have pets or children.  The more quickly you remove stains, the less likely they are to set in and become permanent.

We carry commercial vacuums, buffers, extractors, and ride-on machines.  We also carry all chemicals and waxes that are needed to clean all types of flooring.